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Oxley Performance Computers, LLC was founded in 2004 by Matt Oxley in Dodge County, Georgia as a consumer focused PC repair shop to fill a void in the local market.  Having always been passionate about PC Hardware he started building high end computers for his clientele and became sought after for the quality of his computer builds by businesses and consumers alike. Today, we service over 3000 clients worldwide for a variety of IT needs and build around 100 computers per year to meet the demands of our clients.

Our focus is on providing solutions that make life easier for our customers, driven by the simple philosophy that the owner of a business should be able to focus on their business and not worry about their IT needs or become computer experts just to function in today’s markets.  We believe in doing what we are good at, and letting you do what you are good at: running your business.

We also provide remote tech support, on site support, network design and implementation, and sale/service of all your IT needs. From servers to switches to software – we can cover all the bases to ensure that your next project goes off without a hitch.

Matt Oxley
Matt OxleyOwner
Matt has been in the IT business for just over 18 years. His passion for building and servicing his own computers as a teenager developed into a lifelong passion for helping other people.

In the year 2000, at the age of 15, Matt was gifted the sum of $500 and used it to build his first project computer, he sold that computer to someone, and 10 years later that customer came back for another. By reinvesting that profit into his new business when he was 15 he was able to build a strong portfolio of clients who trust his expertise and the hardware he manufactures for them.

After many years of working his business as a “side gig”, in 2014 he decided to incorporate – and in 2016 quit his full time job to focus entirely on the business.

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